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Welcome to Carilite. We bring belongings, we take belongings, sometimes it's our belongings sometimes it's other's belongings. We store things in them, we save things in them - when we're in a rush we push anything inside them! Your bag is you, it's what you do. You are what you carry.

From Trolley Bags, Suitcases, Travel Totes, and Duffle Bags, "Carilite" gives you an experience to the softest, lightest, most spacious, well designed and sophisticated travel and carry along luggage that you can ever get. From the time you pick it up you can feel the goodness not stopping there, it in fact, goes along with every step you take with it!

Luggage Engineer

A3 - Prema Complex, Dapoda Road,

Near Anjur Phata, Bhiwandi - 421 302,

Dist. : Thane, India.

Tel. : 91 2522 645021 / 274495 / 274496
E-mail : info@carilite.com

Your "Carilite" is actually LIGHT: Raw materials used to make your bag all that it is, needs to be acquired from first grade materials rather than recycled materials, this brings forth rather shows off the lightness of the luggage like feather on a weighing scale.
STORAGE: It feels really good to find yourself carrying a spotless, pristine bag. However, at the back of your head, you are always aware that this newness and freshness, unfortunately one day and eventually, will wear out. But who says the sparkle of your latest luggage can't be maintained.